Q&A: Mesh coils

What should I do if I am using mesh coils since there is no mesh option?

Better use an ohm meter and meshure it. ? Oh no. Pardon the pun, I couldn’t help myself. Ahem.

The resistance of mesh can’t be calculated like wire, because there are so many different types of it: Different wire gauges used, different hole sizes/wire density, etc. These values are typically not standardized or stated on the package.

I don’t know if it’s even possible to model mesh coils in software without studying each and every different type and brand of mesh under a microscope, and figure out how to approximate the surface area, the wire thickness, the number of wires, and so forth and so on.

In order to implement these calculations in an easy to use calculator, the maths will have to be generalized, which is probably doable. But the base values also have to be such that the user can figure them out somehow. How else can they have actual meaningful numbers to input into the calculator? And that is the part I’m really doubtful about.

So the only practical solution that I can see, is that you measure the resistance yourself, and approximate the surface area by eyeballing it.

If you need to know the TCR, you can select a wire with the same material, and any thickness, in the Wire Wizard. The TCR will be the same regardless, as long as you don’t start mixing and matching materials.

11 responses to “Q&A: Mesh coils”

  1. Hi, sorry for posting this as a comment but I’m not sure how else to contact you. I had an issue with static resistance in one of my RTA decks causing my mod to overpower the coil. After a quick discussion on ECF, I came to the conclusion that adjusting the TCR would allow the mod to compensate for static resistance. I’m not sure if you think a calculator for this would be beneficial to your site, but if you do I have some code I threw together (http://t3.paravantage.com) that I’d be happy to donate to the cause.


    1. Hi. That’s a neat calculator. Are you saying that I’m free to include it on steam-engine.org as part of the calculator suite?


      1. Absolutely. It was fun putting together because I liked solving the problem, but I honestly think that anyone who would benefit from the information would be a million times more likely to find it here than anywhere else. You have put together a great resource with this website, so I’d be happy to contribute. You are free to grab the whole thing and copy it over as-is or just grab the JS code as a starting point to integrate into your standard frameworks. Although, I think I have a bug in the script that calculates the temperature effects of altering the locked-in coil ohms so you might want to wait a day or two before pulling anything.


  2. Hello! I don’t know if you’re still replying to comments, but I have a question (not related to this post, although this post is helpful as I have the Digiflavor Themis Mesh coming in with extra Stainless Steel mesh and I can’t wait to try it)…

    So… I have the Smok TFV12 Prince, using the X-6 coil. Now, apparently, the coil material is stainless steel, though it doesn’t say if it’s 316 or not (http://www.3fvape.com/coil/19295-authentic-smoktech-smok-v12-prince-x6-sextuple-coil-for-tfv12-prince-tank-015-ohm-50120w-3-pcs.html). I have the Wismec RX Gen3, and when I attempt to use SS temperature control, it kicks me back to power mode (at 20 watts). I’m wondering if the TCR option might be better, but… I don’t know how to find the numbers to set the TCR.

    Can I use the coil wizard to figure that out? What would I have to enter to use it? Would there be any use in creating a section for pre-built subohm tank coils, or would that be too much work (like mesh)?


  3. (Sorry again… just want to say that, upon further research, I’m not sure if the stainless steel specification is referring to the coils or the housing of the coils… apparently there’s nothing stating what the coil material is, which is… weird… so maybe the problem I’m having is that the coil itself is actually kanthal…)


    1. Yeah, if the documentation won’t tell you what material the coil is made from, the only option left is to experiment.


  4. Hello I have a neat question I have a V12 Prince Mesh Coil and it says on coil .15 ohms but on my mod it says .19 ohms I’m not sure what to think I have a regulated I-Priv running with dual Ijoy 20700s with 3000MaHs each and I dont know I’m just a lil confused I could use some help.


    1. It’s difficult to measure such low resistances accurately. Some deviation is to be expected. Your mod and your atomizer also have some internal resistance.


  5. Hi, I have a tfv12 prince I’m running on a smok alien temp control mod. I’ve been using a mesh coil in TC mode, thinking it was stainless steel. However I recently read that the mesh is actually kanthal. It’s been working fine with no problems, but I was wondering if that is a problem or danger. Seems to me the mod should have told me the coil was not suitable for tc if that were the case. Please help, dont wanna blow up my set up!


    1. You will obviously not get proper temperature control if you use Kanthal, but other than that, if it works for you I don’t see the problem. You might want to switch to Power mode if you use Kanthal though.


  6. As far as I know there is 2 single mesh coils as it were from Freemax, the 0.12 Ohms being ss 316l readable on tc mode. I use a standard M1 mesh coil from Horizontech in a falcon king tank on tc mode. It’s the best of both worlds for me as I’m not limited 2 neither 1 tc or vw but it works as good as it can for what it is without any dangerous outcomes. Whether you can fit the Freemax Pro coil in the Smok TFV12 Price or the Horizontech 1? Let me know if anyone tries ?


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